If you want to download YouTube videos on iPhone then this is a pretty easy task. Watch videos of YouTube on iPod or iPhone by using the YouTube app for iOS. After installation of the application, you can now access the video of your own choice.

Search and then play the video you desire over a 3G/4G OR WiFi connection. However, you might know that playing videos over a 3G/4G connection can eat up your data soon. One can also use WiFi but what if any video is your favorite one then you may want to download it.

Recently a feature is introduced in the app which is named as ‘YouTube Offline’ this helps you to download the videos within the app to watch later in the absence of internet. However, this feature has its own limitations and videos which you download will only available for limited hours.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

App to Download YouTube Videos iPhone

There are some other apps are also available with which you can download YouTube videos iPhone. You just need to install the app on your device and then use to download YouTube videos.

  1. Download Better Tube app for iOS for free and enjoy downloading YouTube videos.
  2. Download YouTube Videos from External Website:
  3. From the AppStore you need to download & install the app ‘Documents 5.’
  4. Now open the app and from the bottom right corner launch the Safari Browser.
  5. At this step you have to type the address of a website. Www.en.savefrom.net and now press the go button.
  6. From the Home Screen of your iPhone now open Safari browser and open YouTube.com. Now find the video you want to search and play it.
  7. Copy the URL of YouTube video and now paste it in the website you open with the help of Document 5 app.
  8. Now Click on the download button available at the website. Don’t forget to select the video quality and file size also.
  9. After the file downloaded, you have to tap on it & then press finger on it and then drag it to the upper left corner. Where you can also see Drag Here option.
  10. Now from the new screen locate the Photos folder and move the file to this folder.


That’s all done!