A common question often many people ask about is ‘How to Download YouTube Videos.’ Although YouTube officially do not allows the users to download any video. Moreover, in the policy, they say that downloading videos which officially do not give a link to download may infringes the copyright of video.

However, sometimes there may be a need to download YouTube videos just like there is a risk of video removal from officials. Besides to that, sometimes there may be a need of having a video at your harddisk to watch later on travel. Anyhow whatever the need is there is a solution with which you can fullfil your needs.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos on Windows PC

There are multiple apps available with which one can simply download the YouTube videos. A famous one is YTD downloader, which allows you to download videos from a number of sources including YouTube. Moreover, there are a number of other tools which work online.

The benefit of online tools is that, there is no need to download & install the complete package. In addition to it, these tools also offers a number of other features including fast delivery of videos. Some of the famous tools which you can use to download videos are www.en.savefrom.net, www.clipconverter.cc and keepvid.com.

Download YouTube Videos on iOS or Mac

If you are using Mac, then there are multiple apps are available with which you can download YouTube videos. MacX YouTube Downloader is one of popular app which you can use to download videos. Just enter the URL of video and select the quality of video to start downloading.

While on the other hand if your are using iPhone, iPod or iPad then you will need to download the Documents5 app. With this app you have to open the Safari browser and then search for www.savefrom.net. Now at next you have to find the video of YouTube which you want to download in another browser outside the Documents5 app.

Copy the YouTube video URL from the browser and paste it to the website you open in the Documents5 app. Now as the file downloaded, you can drag it to Photos > Camera Roll to play it on your iPhone player.

Download YouTube Videos on Android

Users also search for downloading YouTube videos on Android, it is also an easy process. The most popular app available for Android smartphone is TubeMate. You have to download this app from external sources, other than GooglePlay. Moreover, first you will need to turn-on the settings which says download apps from Unknown sources.You can paste the URL of YouTube video in

You can paste the URL of YouTube video in the TubeMate app and then click on the Green download button. This will start the download of your YouTube video, in addition to that you also have to select the format of video and the resolution.

You might know that, as the resolution goes up, the file size also goes up.