Google Gmail is the really handy & popular email in recent days and its totally free web-mail service.  Many other email services are placing ads to the signature line of your messages but Gmail user experience is totally free ads placement.

Gmail users must know about top hack features which are normally hidden from basic users. We are discussing the top ten features you probably are not familiar.

10 Big things Gmail

Gmail Lab Feature

Gmail lab is exciting feature for users to explore and experiment and readily not available for wide publication. If user endorse the feature and popular enough then Gmail integrate it with main interface. I will like to quote the example of Mail Googgles is the awesome feature at weak end to restrict to send emails when you’re drunk.

Option to have Number of Alternate Gmail Address

Navigate some amazing hacks to add the dot, a+ or change the capitalization. This way you’re organizing one Gmail account with lot of Gmail address.  This feature is useful for filtering the messages so you can use this trick to configure many websites with WordPress.

Multiple Gmail Themes

If you sign in Gmail account offers by default theme, eventually it is not fixed and hard interface. You have the bundle of options to set other Gmail themes. Some are difficult & hard to read but some clean enough to make sense. One example of iGoogle theme is daily updating with new look is really fun to apply at your Gmail theme settings.

Set up IMAP and POP Mail

Sometime user is not interested Gmail interface; it is not a big deal to configure other mail interfaces as Gmail offers IMAP & POP support. Let’s configure the interface of Hotmail, Yahoo and Mac mail from Gmail account.

Direction Detector from Gmail

Is somebody invites you by sending address, Google map services will automatically detect the address directions from senders message and pop up a message to ask you to map it.  If you are willing Gmail will track packages whenever you will receive messages.

Google APP to Send Gmail by using Domain Name

In recent days thousands of people are sending their professional emails by using Gmail, but sometime you may feel it awkward and not consider worthy sending emails by using Gmail account to connect business.  If you have owner of domain name then use the Google App to try the domain name and configure with personal Gmail account.

Video Hangouts from Gmail Account

You may not noticed that Gmail has integrated the feature of Google + video hangout, now experience to send or receive video & voice messages by hangout call.

Gmail Outages Status

Some time you may read the outages reports for many big websites, for example Gmail down report at . it may happen and check the current status from Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Gmail Offline in Chrome Browser

You can use Gmail in chrome browser and keep yourself online by installing Google Chrome app. But you can send messages while keep online and messages will definitely send.

Advance Search in Gmail

You are search in your Gmail inbox, let’s experience the option of advance search for track specific email or file for looking. Here we have attached the operators list to search from Gmail whatever you’re searching for.