is basically used to update routers or set up a new router. It is normally used by Linksys broadband router for variety of purposes. People also use this code for making a network in an office. As this can help to use Printers, Scanners and other devices on in a network but it is not one of the recommended methods. This may lead to network problems and other conflicts.

Other than Linksys other famous router brands has also adopted this method. is basically private IP with a wide range of to

Simple Steps to Connect Router with the Help of

It is not really important to remember your IP Address every time. All smartphones, PCs and other devices can detect the router through its name SSID. Whenever you will get online. But make sure that you know the address if you are looking to set up a new router. It is also most important during the troubleshooting process.

If you want to connect a router with IP address then you can open your browser and simply visit Following are the further steps if you wish to connect it with router IP address. This process may fail several times due to these reasons.

  • It may fail due to unresponsive connections with browser.
  • Therouter is set up to use a different address rather than 168.1.1.
  • Sometimes computer and its browser failed to join the desired networ

Troubleshooting the Unresponsive Routers Connections

The steps can be used to Determine why router is not responding. The issue may lie with the router itself or with the client device. But there are not too much possibilities of this error that’s why it not occurs too often.

Finding What is your Routing Address

The next thing that you can ensure is to check your routers IP address. The thing is quite simple as mentioned above that you can check the routing address through you Smartphones and other internet devices. If you had accidently replaced the routing then you may face problems.