Are you an HBO fan and can’t miss a single thing that HBO on airs? You might be aware of HBO go. You can stream hob on every device by installing the HBO go application in it. HBO is indeed brand of the brand and it assures you high definition speedy streaming. HBO go Active just like activate allows you to connect your streaming device with your  Apple TV to give you a quality experience. Just like YouTube active, HBO active too works with Xbox, Roku & Comcast etc.

HBO go active works with every android TV and mac smart televisions. Entertainment seekers should try HBO go active to have an entrance into HBO infotainment. Indeed HBO go active is an adventure for season freaks as HBO airs best of the seasons. To watch every episode live and in high quality, sign in to HBO go active. HBO go active will give you an opportunity to watch your favorite series instantly without any hindrance.

hbogo com active

We are done with the pros and now it’s the turn of cons. coming to the disadvantages of HBO go, we must say that sometimes despite every attempt, it says ‘we can’t connect to your TV, please try later’. Amazon fire tablet is unable to connect with HBO go active. iPhone and iPad too not support HBO go; this being its major flaw. Viewers with Samsung smart TV can now enjoy hob movies through HBO go active.

The commonly experienced flaw is, activating HBO on your streaming device. Well, it is a must say that after all its flaws, it is still a highly used server.

Signing in to your HBO go account

Follow these simple steps to activate HBO go:

  • First of all, you need to subscribe to HBO official website. in case you are not in their newsletter, visit the link:
  • This link will lead you to a page where you have to enter your username and password.
  • Observe your streaming device keenly because if it is not correctly fixed up, it can cause trouble.
  • Visit the website: HBOGO.COM
  • Hit ‘Login’.
  • Remind your HBO password and username and type it here.
  • Login to your HBO go ID.
  • Add zip code and email properly and lick Save.

Activate HBOGO  Com Activate Device

Visit the site: to activate HBOgo on your streaming device.

HBO GO Activate on Apple TV

  • Open HBO Go app on you TV to start.
  • In the ‘settings’ you will find ‘activate device’, tap it.
  • You will get the activation code. Which you will enter to proceed.
  • From your laptop visit,
  • Choose the provider and list your name and passcode.
  • Hit the option ‘HBO go activate device’.
  • A dialog box will confirm you that you have activated it.

 Activating HBO go on Comcast

  • Launch the Comcast device and click Activate your device.
  • proceed to and click on Roku
  • hit ‘continue’
  • List username and passcode of the TV provider.
  • The moment you have signed in, you will add the activation code you have got.
  • After entering the code, you will be a successful HBO go user.

Activating HBO go on Xbox one

  • Connect your Xbox console to your HBO go id.
  • Choose the TV provider and then you will receive a code.
  • Launch your internet browser and type here:
  • Select Xbox one to further the process.
  • Select the TV provider and sign in.
  • Enter the activation code and hit ‘select’.

 Activating HBO Go on Roku

  • Install downloaded HBOgo on Roku device.
  • Launch the app and select ‘activate your device’.
  • You will get an activation code.
  • Visit the HBO go site from your pc.
  • Select Roku and hit ‘continue’.
  • Tap on your TV provider from the list.
  • Add your username and passcode.
  • Now list the activation code you have provided back then.
  • After entering the code select ‘Activate device’.
  • You will see ‘success’ which means you are now full way through the process and can enjoy unlimited movies.

This is how you can activate HBO go on your devices.