There are several ways to add snowing to windows 10 screen. Many tools enable you to add snowing in Windows 10. The fact is that it looks pretty cool to add snowing to windows 10. You can show it off to your friends as well as make your system Decent from others. Here you will find all the methods to add snowing in Windows 10.

Add snowing to widows 10

For adding Snowing to your system, you must have to download some software’s. You can download Desktopsnowok and Snowflakes. This software enables you to Add snowing to your desktop. The fact is that this software will enable you to add snowing to your desktop.

Method to Add snowing to Desktop

It is really simple to add snowing to Windows 10. If you don’t know that how to download this snowing software then you don’t need to worry. The reason is that in this article I will Briefly describe that how you can add snowing to your windows. Following is the method to add snowing to Desktop.

  • Firstly, you have to download the snow adding software Desktopsnowok.
  • This is a zip file having 144kb size so the download will end in seconds. Unzip the file and then locate the setup Desktopexe.
  • Then you have to double click on the .exe file to start enjoying the snowflakes.
  • To control the density of flakes you must use Slide bar to increase and decrease flakes.
  • You can also change transparency of Flakes by simply using bar next to it.
  • For increasing or Decreasing the speed you can use slider.
  • You can also change the Snowflakes and use the falling leaves instead. Simply click the drop down next to T and select a suitable option from Green, Leaf, Yellow Flower, Orange Flower, Blue Flower, Flakes in glass, Red Ball, Blue Ball, Tennis Ball, Soccer Ball, Baseball, Heart, and Star.
  • You can also set up particular time period by which flakes will stop falling.
  • The snowflakes and other items can also rotate and drop down is available next to it.
  • There are also three other options available there which are basically Activate, Deactivate, Start with Windows and Only on desktop background permits you optimize the settings. These are basically used for Activating and De-Activating.

To stop the falling of flaks simply click the option of Exit. So, this is indeed great for you and everyone else. So, don’t miss to use this awesome feature. By reading this Article you will be surely able to add snowing to Desktop.