User Accounts is an option provided by Mac to share your Mac with other family members or any of your friends. It allows changing the system preferences of different applications according to user’s need. The user can also manage the desktop background and overall look and feel of the desktop according to their taste.

The users will have their own folder where they can save their data and which is not accessible to other users. The users can manage their own iTunes library, they bookmarks will also remain personal and iPhoto library.

Different Types of accounts

Mac allows you to create five different types of accounts according to your need. The first type of account includes the Administrator Account, Standard Account, Managed with Parental Control, Sharing only, Group. We will discuss how to add Standard User Account in Mac.

Create a Standard User Account

To create a User account follow the steps described below.

  • Selecting ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu.
  • Click on Accounts. It will open the Account Preferences pane.
  • Now click on Lock icon and provide the password of your Administrator Account and click OK.

add standard user account in mac

  • List of user accounts are displayed. Click on the + sign below the list of users name.
  • New Account window appears you have to select the Account type from the drop down menu. Select Standard from the drop down menu.
  • In the Full Name field enter the name of the user for whom you are creating the Account.
  • Enter the nick name or short in the Account Name The name should be short in lower case without spacing. Mac also suggests the short name you can choose a name from it.
  • In the Password field enter a password for the account. You can also generate a password for the account with the help of password generator.
  • Verify the password by entering it in password field for verification.
  • You can also set a Password Hint for the account. It will assist you when you forget the password so it should be related to password which reminds you of the password.
  • Click on Create Account to create the new user account.