Airdrop is a service Apple has provided to share files between Mac and iOS devices since the release of iOS 7  and further versions. The sharing does requires Bluetooth or wireless connection to send the files wirelessly. We will discuss here the steps to connect the Mac and iOS device to share files.

Checking your Mac

Before getting started first check if your Mac has Airdrop compatibility. To check the Airdrop in Mac go to the Finder in your Mac and check if the Airdrop option is available or you can check from Go icon in menu bar and you can see Airdrop option in menu. If it is not available it means your Mac is not Airdrop compatible.

iClouds Account

The devices using Airdrop to connect does not need to be logged into same iCloud Account. The devices which are connected with Airdrop are using the same account then no permission is required for file transfer and if the devices have different iClound account then the permission is asked whenever the transfer is carried out.

Steps for Airdrop Connection

The Airdrop between iPhone and Mac uses Bluetooth or wireless connection to transfer files between the devices. The Mac and iPhone device doesn’t need to be connected with the same wireless connection for Airdrop.

airdrop between iphone and mac

  • The first step is to connect both the devices Mac and iPhone to the wireless connection.
  • Turn on Airdrop option from your iPhone. Go to Control Centre and turn on Airdrop. Similarly you can go to Finder window in Mac and choose Airdrop option from left side of menu bar.
  • Now you can transfer any file from Mac to your iPhone device. Go to the Airdrop menu and you can see a circle which shows your iOS device. You can drag and drop a file on that circle and it will automatically prompt the iOS device to Accept the file transfer so you have to accept the request.

airdrop between iphone and mac

  • The image are saved in your iPhones photos app. Similarly you can share the image from your iPhone to Mac. To do this click on the share button on the photos app in your iPhone. The share button provides you with the Airdrop option you can click on it and select your Mac to accept the file transfer.