Android 8.0 is the upcoming upgrade of Google’s mobile OS. As everyone knows that, Google comes with a new update each year. In the previous year, the month of August comes with Android Nougat. But this time the rumors are different about the name of the operating system.

Android 8.0

Google names the mobile OS after the names of desserts, this time the rumors say that the name will start with ‘O’. While the numerical side of the operating system name is suggested as Android 8 OR Android 8.0 however, it will be confirmed on the final release.

So, what you think what may be the name of dessert this to time to hit Android. A lot of desserts starts with the letter ‘O’ but and the most preferable & suitable name is Android Oreo. This name is just also a guess, no one have a clear idea about what Google is thinking about that.


There are some feature which are also debuted with this release. One of it is the revamp of notification system, however, this is not clear yet what is new in it. At next, the icon badges for notifications and picture-in-picture mode get a more self-explanatory design.

The Picture-in-Picture capability was rolled out to the Android TV platform in the Android Nougat version. This time it might be the case with that Google wants to get that feature on Phone and tablets with Android O update.

Another feature in this version is Smart Text selection toolbar which can integrate with Google Assistant. Up to now, it is not clear yet, that what is offered in this feature. However, some people say that it might be the previously rumored feature named as ‘Copy Less.’ With which your device can recognize the useful information like addresses etc.

However, all the things are unclear yet. We can only speculate different things from the small information that is leaked from different sources. However, the final thing will only come to face after Google launches the version or give a complete press-release on it.

Expected Release Date of Android 8.0

Google normally announces the update to Android OS at the Google I/O. This year Google I/O 2017 is coming from 17 – 19 May 2017. The conference will take place at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.