The code-name for android version 4.1 to 4.5 is Jelly bean. It is Google’s mobile Operating System and follows android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich. All the android updates have dessert themed names like Ice-cream Sandwich, Lollipop, Cupcakes, Jelly Beans, Marshmallows etc. Android jelly beans provides many features, we will discuss some of the features here.

android jellybean

Restricted Profile

It restricts the users to use apps in your android devices. Different profiles will have different access to the applications on your phones and tablets. It works best for devices having multiple users. Whenever you don’t want users to use your email service or any other app in your mobile phone or tablet then you can restrict them with the profile management. You can only give access to them to specific applications and content consumption.

High Performance Graphics

This feature allows rendering high quality games on your android devices. If you are a video game freak this feature is really what you want. It is supported in Android 4.3 version which was previously missing. This feature provides a better video experience than before.

Keyboard Input

Android 4.3 has tap-typing algorithm which allows to recognizng your typing habits and starts to predict your words. It makes text messaging easier for you when you are typing a message or writing an email.

Useful Notifications

It allows user to view alert shade screen. The users are able to interact and control the status bar notifications. Users can see all the notifications in one place.

 Bluetooth Smart Ready

The Bluetooth smart ready feature synchronizes the smart phones to other Bluetooth smart accessories. It connects the android device to other low-energy devices including car’s stereo, heart rate monitors and thermometers. It operates without using much battery usage of your device.

User Agreement

Android Jelly bean allows corrections to user inputs while they are signing in for the first time. Users can now change the information which was provide while booting the device for the first time.

Location Accuracy

This feature allows the device to scan your location using Wi-Fi service. It increases the location accuracy and allows Google to scan the locations.