The mobile phones are most important device we use these days for communication as well as for entertaining ourselves. There are many apps which we install in our iPhones and we use it very often. The applications rarely get crashed on your iPhone but it doesn’t mean that you will not face app crash on iPhone. Now what you should do when an app crashes on your iPhone. Let us discuss some things you should try when you face an app crash on iPhone.

app crashes on iphone

Force Quit the App

Try to close the app that is hanged by force quit the app. The app that is crushed need to be forced quit and re-launched so that the error it was facing previously is resolved. To force quit the app,

  • You need to double click the home button so that all the running apps are shown as icons or tiles.
  • You can slide the apps from side to side to find the one that you want to force quit.
  • When you find the app you should swipe off the app towards the top of the screen.

After force quitting the app, try to re-launch the app, the force quit method must have resolved the issue with your app.

Restart your iPhone

Most of the simple issues are resolved by simply restarting your iPhone. So before moving to other methods you just need to try to restart your iPhone. After you restart your iPhone the app that crashed before may start to work properly.

App Update

If the above methods didn’t solve the app crush issue, try to update the app. When the update os an app comes then it may cause some issues with the previous version unless you update your app. Therefore try to update the app as updates always comes with new features and it fixes the previous bugs and errors in the app. You can update the app by checking if the update is available from the app store. Once you update your app the problem must have been resolved and your app may start to run normally.

Reinstallation of the app

When the update is not available or even after updating the app, you are still facing the errors you can try to uninstall and then reinstall the app from the app store. Many issues with the apps are resolved by this method. It helps to fix the issues which previously installed app was causing. The newly installed app may not cause any crashed and issues to your iPhone.

Inform the Developer

When you tried the above methods and they didn’t work, you can inform the app developers about the issues. You can leave a message regarding all the issues you are facing with the app and for how long. You can contact the developer on their contact information given at their app page in the App store. The developers take notice and try to solve the major issues after getting the feedbacks from users. This may resolve the issues you were facing previously.

Update the iOS

Whenever there is an iOS update you should try to update your phone so that the phone is updated and doesn’t cause issues. The update always brings new features and fixes the bugs previously the iPhone was facing. The update most probably resolves the app crashes in iPhone.