Photos in your mobile phones or Mac are really important files and you never want to lose any single one of them. The photos in your iPhone or Mac are kept in Photos app or iPhoto library and you should backup your photos regularly so that you always have a backup in case you lose any of your file from your Mac failure or any mishap.

backup photos on mac

Usual Backup Method

There are different backup methods for the photos on your Mac. One simple method is the Time Machine; the backup created with Time machine has a draw back for backing up photos. It replaces the old files with the new ones after a span of time so that it creates space for the new ones. So there are chances that you lose your old photos in this backup.

We mostly save our iPhone photos and camera photos in our Mac. Whenever we transfer the images from the camera then we don’t keep those images in our camera anymore. We usually delete them to create more space for new pictures. It means that the pictures are on Mac and you have saved them on Photos. You are storing your photos on Mac’s Photo and it is your image library containing all your camera photos. The library is full of important images you never want to lose so it is better you transfer them manually so that none of your pictures are lost.

Backup your Photo Library

To back up your photos from the photo library used by photos in Mac you have to transfer them to some external drive or flash drive. To perform this task you have to,

  • Open the hard drive and then double click on the Users. Now click on Home folder with house icon and user name and then click on Photos. “or”
  • Go to the Finder and select pictures from side bar.
  • Open the pictures and you will find a folder name Photos Library or iPhoto Library. Copy the Photo Library to some other external drive or flash.

Always take the backups of your photos whenever you import the pictures to your Mac. It creates a copy of those transferred images to your external backup device.