The Mac after using for some time and loading it with videos and pictures leaves it with minimum storage space. To accommodate your new pictures and video contents there is need to delete the old ones. But you never intend to delete any of your memories in form of pictures and movies. So what is the option to resolve the space issue in Mac?

Latest Mac does not allow you to upgrade internal storage therefore the use of external hard solves memory limitations in Mac. You can purchase an external hard drive and connect it to your Mac to enjoy extra space without deleting your important data. But there are some important points to consider while choosing a hard drive for your Mac. Depending upon

Choosing the Hard Drive

Depending upon your requirement for the external hard disk you should consider few things before going for the purchase.

best hard drive for mac


If you want a very fast access of data in your external drive then the best solution is solid state drive (SSD) drives also known as flash drive. It is relatively faster than hard drives because SSD drives access data electronically whereas hard disk drives HDD access data electromechanically. So if speed is much needed in accessing the data you can go for SSD. Some hard drives offer very high rotational speed that is recommended if you have some professional video or audio content to work with. Those hard disk devices have rotational speed from 5000 up-to 15,000 rpm but these high speed devices comes with less storage space. So depending upon your need you can opt for the device of your choice.


If you want to use your disk at more than one place like you want to carry it at office as well as use it at home then you better go for a device that is portable and less prone to mechanical failure and damage. The best choice in this case is SSD because SSD has no moving parts and when dropped relatively less damage than HDD. Therefore SSD is more reliable when it comes to physical damage as compared to HDD.


Many users claim that the after the use of SSD for longer period of time the performance of SSD degrades and if it does that there are chances you may lose your data completely. However the HDD on the other hand gives warning about the upcoming failure of the device and you may get the time to recover your important data from the HDD. So when comes to reliability HDD is more reliable than SSD.

Capacity and Price

With the passage of time and the advent of technology there are really cheap devices available in the market relative to their storage capacity If you want to some few GBs to store your data and which you want to carry around as well then the best option is go for a flash drive. As we have discussed already its more durable than the HDD.


The SSD has no mechanical parts to rotate so it produces much less noise as compared to HDD. As HDD has a spinning platter which makes sound while in operational mode so if you want to use a device with no noise then you can go for SSD.