There might be several reasons you need to block any particular website. When you have multiple users using your PC then you must be concerned about what they are accessing on internet. Some websites contain viruses, some might hack your personal data or maybe want to block some websites for parental control when the users are your children.

Block Multiple Websites on Windows

You can either block a website in particular browser or you can block the websites through windows. The benefit of blocking a website through windows is that it will not open the blocked websites in any browser in your system. So  its not required to block the websites in individual browsers. We will discuss herein easy steps to block websites on windows. This process will block the websites on chrome and firefox or whichever browsers are installed in your system.

  • Open “C drive” or the drive where your windows are installed.
  • Open “Windows” folder.
  • Now you can see a subfolder called System 32. Click to open this folder.
  • Open “drivers” in System32 folder.

block websites on windows

  • Now you cans see a folder called “etc” folder. Open this folder.

block websites on windows

  • Find “host” file in “etc” folder.

block websites on windows

  • Right click and open this “host” file in notepad. Go to “host” file contains a line ” localhost” at the end.
  • Place the cursor at the end of line “ localhost”and hit enter. Now start adding websites which you want to block. Don’t try to change anything else in this file because it is an important file which helps in connecting to the internet. We have to enter the websites like this ‘’ (starting with followed by website you want to block). You can block multiple sites by hitting enter and start a new site to block. After adding list of websites, save this file by going to file menu and then save the changes.
  • We have to close all the browsers and open it again so that the changes we have done are refreshed. Now if we try to open any website which is in the block list that site cannot be opened.