Apple products require an Apple ID to download and purchase apps from the App store and iTunes. The Apple ID is associated with an email address. Sometimes you may need to change the email address associated with your Apple ID. To change the email address you have to login to the account page with your Apple ID. You will receive a verification code at your new email address to use the new Apple ID.

Sign Out of Your Account

The first step in changing the Apple ID is logging out. Apple recommends signing out your Apple ID of all the devices which are using the Id before changing the email address.

Changing email address

You can change the email address of your Apple ID from any of your device like iPad, iPhone or Mac. You can change the Apple ID by opening the account page in the web browser. Follow the steps to change the email address of your Apple ID.

change apple id email address

  • Open the web browser from your device and enter the URL
  • Enter your email address and password for your Apple ID to login.
  • Verify the account by answering the secret question or entering the verification code sent to the device.
  • In account section click Edit next to Reachable At. Click Change Email Address under the Apple ID.
  • Enter new email address and click Continue. When you click continue a verification code is sent to your email address.

Verification of New email

Your new email address requires a verification code. You have to login to new email address to access the code and verify the new email address associated with the Apple ID. Follow the steps for verification.

  • Open the email address for the verification code and click on Verify email address.
  • Enter this verification code at after providing your account details. Click on Verify.
  • Click Done.