The homepage in browser is the webpage that loads up whenever you open your browser. If you use Google Chrome as your browser then probably the Google page is your home page. What if you want to change the homepage to some other page which you want to open as soon as you open your browser? That page could be your personal website, your blog or maybe any music video site you want to open as you open the browser. We will explain here in detail how to change the homepage in Google Chrome as well as Safari.

Change Homepage in Chrome

You must have encountered the issue that somehow your homepage is changed by some other site to their homepage or maybe changed to some other search engine. You can change the settings and set your homepage to a specific webpage. The webpage you set as homepage will open whenever you open a new tab or click on the browser’s home button. To set the homepage you have to,

  • Open the browser and click chrome menu on top of browser tool bar.
  • Choose Settings.

change homepage

  • In the Appearance section, check the option Show Home Button. When you check this option it will displays the home button of the browser to the left side of address bar.
  • Under this home button click on the Change
  • It opens a small window to change the home page. It will have your current homepage address.

change homepage

  • Select the option Open this page and write the address of the webpage you want to open.
  • Click Ok. It will set the address as your homepage.

Change Homepage in Safari

To change the Homepage in Safari browser you have to,

  • Open Safari.
  • Click on Safari on the upper left corner.
  • Drop down menu appears choose Preferences from it.

change homepage

  • Under the General tab, type the URL of the page you want to set as home page, in Home page field. ‘or’
  • If you want to set the currently open page as home page then you have to click on Set to Current Page
  • Close the window.