If you are looking to know about Ad hits for Craigslist Ad account will eventually analysis the victory of your ad performance. For example you’re receiving high number of Ad views & impressions but Ad response is nil. We can say you Ad are not getting any lead and the end of the day any conversion of order or sales.

Craigslist is one of the top USA base companies dealing with advertising of classified ads, millions of users are posting Craigslist Ad by using the Craigslist login account service. Craigslist had initiated its online business in 1995 and founder of Craigslist.org is Craig Newmark.

Craiglist ad

 How to Check Craigslist Ad Account Hits

It is very important to review the copy of your Ad and adjust the Ad communication text and wordings. You can change the visuals and new text wording to make it more appealing.

  1. Browse the Official website CraigslistCounter.net with any of famous browser
  2. You need to scroll down the page until you can ‘Customize Counter Section’
  3. Now pic the text color picker to choose the appropriate Craigslist Ad
  4. Now select the background color selector to pick background new color for Craigslist Ad
  5. You should copy all the code from code box and past in Craigslist Ad
  6. Now review the Craigslist Ad that it looks appropriate to get more hits and views online