We have many application installed on our iPhone. The more applications reduce the size on your phone. Therefore you want to keep track of which application is taking how much space on iPhone. When you get to know the space occupied by the applications you can manage the space by deleting the app depending upon the usability and the size of app. We will discuss two methods to check the app size on iPhone.

Check App size using Settings App

You can check the application size on your iPhone from the Setting app. To check the application size you have to,

app size on iphone

  • Go to the Setting from your iPhone.
  • Tap on General.
  • Now you have to click Storage and iCloud Usage.
  • You can see the storage used and available space of your iPhone. The list of apps appears and beginning from the ones which takes most of the space and data.
  • The list shows the detail of total size taken by the app and its files. You can click on individual app to check the detail about app size.
  • The App size shows the total space taken by the app and Documents & data shows the space taken by the associated files.
  • The apps you have installed can be deleted from Delete App from here.

 Check App size using iTunes

The app size can also be checked from iTunes. This method gives you only the size of app not the size of its related files. However you can check the app size by,

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Now select the Apps menu from the top left corner.
  • It will display the list of apps you have installed in your iPhone.
  • To check the size of app you can right click and select Get info. It shows the information about the app.
  • You can also check the size of app by left click on app icon once and then from file menu you have to select Get info. It will display the information about the app you have click before.
  • The window appears showing the information about the app. You can click on File menu and check in Size field to see the size application has taken.