Whenever you visit a website it makes small files called cookies to save your browsing information including your login details and your site preferences etc. The cookies saves the information regarding your movement from one website to other, passwords and if you are shopping it keeps the information regarding your items in the cart etc. Therefore when you visit the site again your information is already present.

Types of cookies

There are two kinds of cookies. The first is first-party cookies, it is the information saved by the website you have visited. The cookies saved by other parties which displays maybe some image or advertisement or some video on your visited page is called third-party cookies.

Clear the Cache

Cached data is the information about a particular website like the layout of the website. Hence when you load the website for the second time it is loads much faster. You have to click on Clear Browsing Data to clear the caches. To perform this task you have to go to the Settings and then click on Advance Option at the bottom of the settings page. Now Click on Clear Browsing Data and it will clear all the cached data.

Clear the Cookies

To clear the cookies you have to go to,

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Now click on Customize and Control Google Chrome icon that is three vertical dots on the top right.

clear cookies in chrome

  • Now you have to choose Settings from the drop down menu.
  • Go to the end of page and click on Show Advance Settings…
  • Now click on Content settings from the Privacy Section.

clear cookies in chrome

  • Click on All cookies and site data. It will show a list of cookies saved in your system. You can click on a particular cookie and it turns in to blue. It will show ‘x’ against the name. Click on ‘x’ to delete that particular cookie.
  • Or click on Remove All and click on Done It will delete all the cookies saved in your system.