It is really simple to Clear Download folders automatically on Windows 10. The fact is that Windows 10 enables you to Automatically Clear Downloads Folders after 30 Days. So, setting it up is not a big deal like in Past. So, if you want to Automatically Clear Downloads Folder then simply Follow this Tutorial.

This Feature wasn’t available in Past so people have to face difficulty and loss of Time. They have clear Downloads Folder Manually. Which takes a lot of Time? But Don’t worry because Windows 10 is providing the automatic Feature to Clear Downloads Folder after regular intervals of days. So, let us discuss that how we can do it on Windows 10.


Method to Auto Clear Downloads Folder Automatically on Windows 10I

It is simple to Auto Clear Downloads Folder on windows. By following these few steps, you will be surely able to Clear Downloads Folder Automatically. Following are the main steps for Clearing Downloads Folder Automatically on Windows 10.

  • Firstly, you have to press the Windows + I from your Keyboard. When you will press these keys all together Windows Settings will be opened.
  • From there you have to click the option of the System.
  • Under the System, on Right Panel click the option Storage.
  • Then Look for the option of the Storage Sense. Then Turn on the Storage sense of your system.
  • Then click on the option How we can free up the space which will be slightly below the slider.
  • When you click the option, it will cause to open a page of cleaning the storage.
  • From there locate the option Delete files in my download folder. It will be pretty like that, you just have turn this option on.
  • Then Quickly press Delete Now to delete the Folder.

Now you will be able to Clear Downloads Automatically. You must Always keep this settings on because this will help you to clear your storage. So, if this option is enabled windows keeps Deleting the Files which are basically unnecessary.

Keep in Mind this option will automatically Delete all the Files which are not useful of Lat Thirty Days. As you know that windows always keep on Updating After Regular Intervals. So, you have to make sure that you are using the latest versions because in some older versions this feature may not be available. Hope this Article will be helpful for you.