Every smart phone manufacturers make users to use their own product account. If you are using Samsung smartphone then it is really necessary to Create Samsung Account. As Samsung is adding some out-class features in it smartphone which can only be accessed via Create Samsung Account. When you have created account, you will be able to access Samsung drive, Samsung Themes, Samsung app and much more.

Some Great Feature of Samsung Account            

You will get some great feature from Samsung Sign up account. you will also get some great features on iPhone, Smartphone, PC, Mac and on other devices. Following are the Features of Samsung Account.

Samsung Hub Store

It is similar to Google Play store where you can download all the app you want for your entertainment. You can have complete access on music, entertainment, e-books and much more. You can estimate that a simple Samsung Sign up enable you to get multiple features.

Simple open the Samsung store and there you can select the app you want to download. Then click on the option of install which is normally a green button. Lastly click on the option on install in pop-up. It will automatically start installing the app. Then your app will start downloading.

Family Story Feature

Family story is a great new feature from Samsung which enables you to share photos, memos, and events with your group members. You can make groups for communication family story. The fact is that you make groups of 20 people and then communicate with each other.

You can share photos with your family members on your best occasions and event of life. You can share photos in your best occasions. So, what are you waiting for. Start using the features.

Locate your phone

This is also an amazing feature of Samsung which lets you to locate your phone. But first, you have to register your smartphone. If accidentally your phone is misplaced, you can recover it easily. If your phone is lost you can locate, make it ring if you think that it is nearby to you. But if you are sure that your phone is not returning to you then you can also delete your personal data.

As you know privacy is one of the most important things to us now a day. This feature of Samsung is making its Account much more worthwhile.

Method to Create Samsung Account on PC

If you wish to create your Samsung account then let me tell you that the procedure is pretty simple. You have to follow these Steps to Create Samsung Account on Computer or PC.

Open up your PC and then click on any Browser.

There opens a website of Samsung https://account.samsung.com. Next click the option of Sign up at top right corner of screen. Then you have to read all the terms and conditions to agree them. Then click on Continue.

Then you have to enter in sign up form by simply enter your email & credentials. You can also give the email of your Gmail account. Then you have to give the Gmail password.

Finally you have to verify your email address by going to your Gmail Account. Click on the email to confirm your password.

How to Create Samsung Account on Smart Phone

After creating account, you can also add it on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone models like Samsung Galaxy S5,S6 & Z2. Following are the main steps for Adding Samsung Account on your Smart Phone.

Open up your mobile settings  app and then scroll down until you see the Account Section. You will notice the active accounts like Dropbox, Google, Facebook etc. then press Tap on add new Account option.

Then click on the grey button of Samsung in all accounts. Make sure that you are connected to internet.

Click on the option of Create account and accept all terms and conditions. Then you have to start entering your details in the next field. Enter your email address, password, your date of birth and name. You can use your Gmail address if you wish. Lastly Tap on Sign up option. Now your Samsung account will be created.