One of the best facilities from browsers is multitasking means performing more than one task at a time. But you may have question in your mind that how to manage these tasks. The answer is quite simple use Google Chrome task manager. I indeed know about your problem because all of you are here to deal with Chrome task manager.

Task manager allows handling multiple tabs of Chrome from one tab. Most people don’t know about it because it is quite new to them. Task manager have every detail about the tab running on Chrome. It ranges from memory consumed by tab in K, CPU, network and its process ID. So, Chrome is making its task manager more advanced.

chrome task manager

Handling task manager may be difficult for beginners. But you don’t need to disquiet because in this tutorial I will teach you how to handle and open task manger. Whether you are using Mac OS or Window, we will teach you in both platforms. You may also need to know that how to browse incognito mode.

Opening Chrome Task Manager in Windows

Firstly we will see the method for opening task manager on windows. It’s simple just click the Chrome menu represented with three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the screen. Then a drop down menu will appear with several options.

From there point the option more tools. Then a sub menu will appear from sub menu click the option task manager. Then your task manager of Google Chrome is opened. Please note that you can also use shortcut keys instead of long method. Press Shift + Esc in windows and is Chrome OS you can use Search + Esc.

Opening Chrome Task Manager in Mac OS X

It is really easy to open task manager in Mac OS X. You can open it in two to three steps like opening in windows. But further you can see that it is easier than windows. Just click on the windows menu button which is at the top of the screen. Then a drop down menu will appear. From there you have to click the task manger and your Chrome task manager will be opened on Mac OS X.

How to Disable any Tab from Task Manager

Now you can see all the data of currently opened tabs means that you can see all the tabs statistics like memory and user IP etc. but the fact is that if you want to disable any tab how would you do it. The answer is simple. Just click on the tab you want to disable and below right hand side you can see the option of end process and this tab will disable. For enabling the tab you just go to tab and refresh it by F5 or simply a round arrow at the top right corner of the site. Hope the information in this article helpful to you.