When you are using any of the Apple products like Mac, iPad, iPhone then you must have created an Apple ID. This Apple ID helps you to purchase and download apps from the App Store. To create your iCloud account and maintaining iTunes all of these require Apple ID. What if you want to delete your Apple ID permanently? Apple does not let you to delete your Apple ID so we will how to deactivate it or use some alternate methods.

Back up all your Data

Before you delete your Apple Id it is recommended that you have backup all your data from the iCloud drive. You don’t want to lose your important data so you must access and obtain all your data before losing them. You can easily access the iClouds data from your Mac and make copy of them in your computer.

Solutions for Deleting the Account

As already mentioned Apple does not allow you to delete the Apple ID rather you can request it from Apple Company to get it deleted for you.

  • You can call Apple by finding the number for your region. You can request them and make them clear why you want to delete the Apple ID. They however not easily delete your Apple ID as they never want to lose a customer. There better be safe than sorry.
  • You can change the email address linked to your Apple ID to not get linked with Apple anymore. You can do this by signing in to your Apple ID at applied.apple.com. Click  to learn how to change your Apple ID’s email address.

Deactivate your Apple ID on Mac

You can also deactivate your Apple ID in Mac.

delete apple id

  • First you have to sign out of your iCloud. To sign out go to the Apple icon on menu bar. Now open System Preferences. Click on iCloud and then click on Sign Out.

delete apple id

  • The second step involves sign out Apple ID from iTunes and de-authorizing the system. Open iTunes and click on Store from the menu bar. Click on Deauthorize This Computer and then Sign Out.

Deactivate from iPhone

You can also signout your Apple ID from iTunes and iCloud using your iPhone.

  • To sign out of iTunesyou have to go to the Settings and click on App & iTunes, tap your Apple ID and click on Sign Out.
  • Similarly to sign out of iCloud go to the Settings> iCloud> Sign Out.