Microsoft is providing every facility to its Hotmail Mail users ranging from large storage, gigantic interface, better facilities of editing and much more. If it still causing you problems then you can delete Hotmail account permanently. It may have some problems and do not work according to your desire. So you have the right to delete outlook account permanently.

Recently Microsoft has claimed that they have 360 million + live users. This information may not be true because people are moving towards google and yahoo so the credibility of outlook account is decreasing. I personally think that the information is about the all accounts made on Hotmail Mail. Otherwise this information may be wrong.

There is some information you must know before deleting Hotmail account. If your Hotmail Login account is connected to paid subscription then firstly you have to disconnect it In order to delete any account. Any Microsoft account which is used for about 365 days automatically removes all the information in it.

But it will not delete account until a new user will make account with the same Email. It will stop accepting new email after this time duration. The Hotmail Mail account may directly connected to windows so in that case you cannot delete the outlook account directly. In this article we will teach you how to delete the Gmail account directly.

Steps to Login Hotmail Mail to Delete Account

It is really easy to delete accounts from the following steps. You can delete account by the following steps.

Firstly sign in to your Hotmail account. Then click the option of your account at the top left corner of the page. The detail page of your account will be opened.

delete Hotmail account


There you have to select the category of security which is at right side along with accounts.

delete Hotmail account


Then from security you have to select the option more ‘security option’ which is normally at the bottom of the page.


Then Hotmail will ask a password to sign in again or you have to verify your account by receiving a text message. You have to enter the corresponding text message.

Scroll the page down and choose the option ‘Close Your Account’ and click it


Press Next and make sure to read all the instruction that you’re really willing to close or delete your Hotmail account


At last you have to give the reason why you want to delete your account and click the option delete my account. Your account will be deleted successfully.