There are Several ways to find good & best movies on Netflix. Netflix is most Trusted Streaming and movies on Demand service provider Now a day. But still a new report shows that Netflix is removing some of the Appreciated and top-Rated Movies with any big reason. So, it may cause to Degrade the trust of people on Netflix as Netflix is world top streaming provider.

good movies on netflix

Now let’s Briefly Discuss how you can find some top-rated and good movies on Netflix because the website of Netflix and Netflix app, both are not showing some of the Top rated and good movies. So, you don’t need to worry about it. The reason is that in this article we are going to briefly describe the procedure to find out the top-rated movies on Netflix.

How to Find out top Rated Best Movies on Netflix

Many people find Difficulty in Finding some top-rated and good & best movies on Netflix. I you are having the same problem then you don’t need to worry. You will be frustrated if you are not finding some top movies on Netflix.  What you can do in this case. You will simply contact to Netflix customer support.

Netflix customer support will simply tell you to find your Favorite movies or videos on Netflix by writing their Name. It will be so good if you can solve the problem by your own. You must firstly click on the search bar that is available on the top of the page. If you know exactly for which movie you are looking for, then simply type the name and click on search option.

The website will show you the most appropriate and matching results based on the keywords that you have entered in the search Box. If you are looking for some top-rated movies then you have to change some settings of Netflix. Firstly, you have to go to Settings and then click the Refining the Search. Then you must have to click on the top charts and then click on the top charts.

After you change these setting it will do a massive impact on your search result. It will simply Display some of the top-rated movies. Make sure that you have entered the valid Keyword means Movie name.

Steps to Download Movies on Netflix

For Download any Netflix Movie firstly you have to download Netflix app and then after sign in it will show you the best and top-rated Movies of the season. On the home screen, you will also the chart of top TV channels and movies. You can click any movie which you want to download. Then the app will ask you payment offer. You have to give payment to Netflix and then it will start Downloading for You.

Note that you have to buy a monthly subscription of Netflix which are normally three offers given. You can choose any one you want. For downloading any movie click on the movie and you will see the option of Download in the Descriptive Pan. Keep in Mind That you have to click on the Right movie which you want to Download. So, that how you can download the movies.