There are many hacks when it comes to iPhone, Mac and iPad. Some of them are well defined by Apple and everyone knows about them. One important hack is to find the battery percentage of iPhone using Mac. Many of us are not aware how to check the iPhones battery while working on Mac. Let us discuss how to know this using your Mac.

How to Check Battery

This trick requires the hotspot feature of iPhone to connect the Mac to its cellular connection wirelessly. When your iPhone and Mac are using the same iCloud account then there is no need to toggle on the hotspot feature in iPhone. The iPhone and Mac having same iCloud account automatically shows the available hotspots from the device to Mac.

find iphone battery percentage on mac

You can check the iPhone’s battery from the menu bar of Mac. You have to click on the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar of Mac. It will show your iPhone in personal hotspot with cellular connection and battery indicator. You can view from the battery indicator that how much battery is on your phone. But to know the exact percentage of battery, hover the mouse on your iPhone’s name in the Wi-Fi information list. When you hover your iPhones name from the list it will display the exact percentage of battery in your phone along with your device ID.

Why do we need this Hack?

When you know the exact percentage of battery while working on Mac gives you an idea that if your iPhone requires charging. It is really helpful when you are on your Mac and leaving for somewhere soon then you better find out while working that either the battery is enough for going out without charging the iPhone. Or maybe you can check whether your phone is charged fully when on charging so that you can unplug the phone from the charger. And better check if the battery is fully drained and before it goes off plug it on charger. So this hack is quiet handy