Apple releases the updates for its devices. The most recent update for the iPhone is iOS 10.3.2. Many people have updated their iPhones to the latest update. Those who have updated their iPhones to iOS 10.3.2 have reported battery drainage issues. We will discuss in detail the battery drainage issues and how to fix them. These tricks help to overcome the battery issues in iOS 10.3.2 update of your phone.

Check Battery Usage by Apps

Firstly you need to check which app is consuming the most battery power and draining the phone more quickly than usual. If you have iOS 9 and later you can easily check the battery usage by different apps. You can delete any app you have not been using and its draining the battery too. You can check the battery usage by going to,

battery issues in iOS 10.3.2

  • Settings and go to the Battery App.
  • Toggle on Battery Percentage to On.
  • Under Battery Percentage you can see the list of Apps with the percentage value on the right side of each app. The percentage value show the battery power used by an individual app. Under the app you can see amount of time it has been active.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Background app refresh helps to show you the latest data of your apps whenever you turn them on. It means the phone is refreshing the app on regular time interval. Turning the app refresh off helps to reduce the battery usage. You can either turn off the battery usage completely or you can turn it off for individual apps. You have to go to,

  • Settings > General >Background App Refresh. You can turn off the app refresh for individual apps from the list of apps.

Low Power Mode

This feature will limit the functionality like refreshing the background, visual effects and visual effects are reduced to conserve the battery of your iPhone. You can keep this feature on to conserve battery percentage of your phone. To turn it on you have to go to Settings > Battery App and toggle on Low Power Mode.

battery issues in iOS 10.3.2

Manage the Widgets

The widgets use lots of battery on your phone. You can manage the widgets if you feel your battery is draining much. You can remove as may widgets as you like. To manage the widgets you have to,

  • Start from your phone’s home screen and swipe to the right.
  • Go to the end of your widgets and select Edit.
  • You can see the list of app, to remove a widget click on the – with a red circle and click Remove.

Display Settings

You can also save the battery of your phone by managing the brightness of your iPhone’s screen. The brighter the screen the more battery it eats, so try to lower the brightness of your phone’s display. Auto brightness option in your phone brightens the phone’s display whenever you are in more light so can adjust the brightness according to your need. Therefore disable Auto Brightness by going to,

  • Settings >Display and Brightness > Auto Brightness and turn it Off.

Now you can manage the brightness of your phone in Display and brightness and move the slider from left to right or right to left to increase or decrease the brightness.

Restart your Phone

To quick fix the battery issue you can restart your iPhone. To restart the phone you can hold down the power button for few seconds and swipe to turn shut it down. Press the power button again for few seconds to turn on your phone.