Getting Netflix Subscription is not a Big Deal. Netflix is worldwide video streaming Service Provider owned by an American company. You can Easily watch latest content on Netflix once you have its Subscription. Netflix are offering many Subscription Package. You can choose Package of your Choice.

In a world it is too hard to keep up, who would have the time to watch lots of commercials or perhaps the leisure to head to a DVD store in the pursuit of entertainment? Would you like spending hours on internet trying to find a way to binge-watch the latest season of your favorite show when much easier options are there for you?  And if your answer is ‘no’ you would definitely like to explore those ‘easier ’ options and guess what you won’t have to search too far , talk about this to a friend or two and they will tell you of Netflix.

netflix subscription

Aptly called by many as the’ Pioneer of Binge-watching Culture’, Netflix is a streaming service that allows you to gain access to virtually unlimited shows and movies. Not only this, you have the freedom to watch the available content at your leisure with no obligation to sit in front of a TV for hours at end. This article will explore how you can sign up for a Netflix subscription and more importantly the features that differentiate it from the traditional TV broadcasters.


There are countless reasons why people today choose Netflix over the traditional cable, the greatest being the flexibility to watch as much as they like, and whenever they want. The need to wait for a whole week for a new episode is already passing into oblivion. Netflix subscriptions open a world of entertainment where everything is set just the way you want it to be. The members get access to all episodes of a season at once; moreover you can play, pause and resume your favorite shows without having to watch tons of advertisements. Last but not the least, Netflix subscriptions are incredibly easy to get, all you need to do is to start a free one-month trial. At the end of the trial, you could choose to go on with the service if it suits you or cancel your subscription anytime you want without having to pay any cancellation charges.


  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button
  • Choose a subscription plan that suits you best. The details of the available options are listed below.
  • Enter your email address and password to make an account and press ‘Enter’ or click ‘Register’
  • Enter a payment option in advance so that your paid service starts right after your free trial ends and you don’t miss out even a single episode of your favorite shows.

Note that the providing a payment option doesn’t mean that your account will start getting billed during your free trial. This is just one way by which Netflix makes sure that you get uninterrupted service. However you are at liberty to end the subscription before your free trial ends. In short, starting a free trial by no means binds you in some sort of rigid contract.


These membership plans differ in two main aspects: the video quality and the number of people who can gain access to Netflix content at a time.  The good thing is that many other aspects such as the free trial, access to unlimited shows and most importantly the option to cancel your subscription anytime apply to all the subscription options. So even if you pick a cheaper plan, it’s not that you’ll be missing out everything good on Netflix.

  • BASIC PLAN (allows for streaming on one device only and in standard definition mode)
  • STANDARD PLAN (allows for streaming on two devices and in HD mode)
  • PREMIUM PLAN (allows for streaming on four devices at the same time in HD and Ultra HD mode)
  • DVD PLAN (available only in the United states, this lets the customers to sign up for a DVD-only plan or add-DVD to their existing plan)

In case you want to go for a different plan after you have opted for one, you are free to do so anytime during your membership. You can upgrade to a better plan or you could go for a cheaper plan depending upon what’s convenient for you


Streaming with Netflix is not just limited to TV or any single device. Once you sign up, you can watch your favorite Netflix content on any internet-connect device that provides Netflix app including smart TVs, laptops, media players. game consoles, smart phones and tablets all with just one account. Many devices such as smart TVs already have Netflix app installed in them while for other devices, users are required to download the app first. The Netflix app is available for both iOS and android devices.

All the above features in addition to many others have very likely begun to encroach themselves on your curiosity and by now you are all set to hop on the bandwagon and take a glimpse into the amazing world of Netflix. Let’s hope that it is as enthralling as it is popularized to be.