The Google chrome has many features which you can access by going to settings of Google chrome. Here you can see a wide range of features for Google chrome users. Besides these features, there are number of other advanced features which can be accessed by commands only. Therefore to have a full control and command over chrome you should know about these commands. Let us discuss  Google chrome commands what their features. The command is entered into the Google chrome’s address bar and hit enter to execute the command.


google chrome commands

This command provides the download history of chrome. It will show you the list of icon with their file names and their location in your hard disk. It also mentions those files that have been deleted. The deleted files are shown with the keyword Deleted. There is a cross at the end of file name; you can click on this to delete the entity from the download list.


We will discuss the google chrome commands and the first one to start with is chrome://history and it manages your browsers web history. You can view individual webpage accessed and it can also be deleted from the list. You can also go to the clear browsing data interface from here.


This command open the clear browsing data interface. You can delete the browsing history, download history, cached images, cookies and passwords from here. The history can be deleted by Clear Browsing Data button which provides the options to delete the past hour, one month or the beginning of time.


google chrome commands

This command shows you the browser extensions along with the icon, name, details and developer mode. You can uncheck the box against individual extension to disable the extension and you can also delete the extension by clicking on the bin icon on the right side of each extension.


This command opens the search engines interface from where you can view the browsers default search engine.  We can also edit the individual search string by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right side of the search engine.


This command open the bookmarks interface. You can view list of book marks with the bookmark folder on the left pane. The bookmarks can be organized, you can import or export bookmarks from html file. The right of each bookmark has dropdown menu, you can click on it to open, edit, cut, copy or paste and delete the bookmark.


It displays the chrome’s crash information. What was the crash ID and when was crash report captured with date and time. To enable the crash settings you have to go to the privacy settings and enable it from there.


google chrome commands

It shows the links of all the files in the cache. You can click on individual ink of file which further opens the detail about the file. The date of saving of file,  its expiry and content type etc.


This command helps to find the diagnostic information about the system which includes BIOS, the operating system and other hardware components.


Network command only works in Chrome OS. This command shows the detail information about the connected network and the entire currently available networks. It also displays the name of previously connected networks.


It displays all the information related to the chrome’s voice which includes microphone, language settings and other voice search features.


google chrome commands

chrome://flash command gives you the details about the current flash player used by the chrome and also gives details about the plugins and vendors information. It also display the details about the graphic card, drivers name and device Id etc.