Have you ever set your Wi-Fi password but forgot it late on? Or do you see a strong signal near you but it is locked? Well then you came to the right place. The locked mark next to the Wi-Fi signal indicates that the Wi-Fi signal is password protected.

You need the correct pass code to access it. But if you have forgotten or you simply don’t know this code then you can’t access those sweet signals. Hacking a Wi-Fi password is not that easy. It requires patience and a lot of focus. But it is not impossible.

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password Through Router

The best and easiest way to get a Wi-Fi password is to access the router. Just login to your router and reset the password from there.

Hack Wi-Fi Password

Now the router may or may not have a password depending on if you have set it or not. In case you did set that pass but don’t know it then simply reset it physically. If you have access to the router then reset it by hand. Simply press the reset button for 10 seconds and it will reset to factory settings.

Check the router sticker if the router was provided by the internet service provider. It has the default Wi-Fi password and router access code written on it. It may be mentioned under the “key” word. Now connect to the router using Ethernet cable and reset the password.

This only allows your device to attack itself to the Wi-Fi. The URL appointed is either or any other similar IP. There it will ask for the default user name and password since you reset the router. The user name and password is mentioned in the user manual.

In case you lost the manual you can visit http://routerpasswords.com. This site tell the default password and user name for every router available in the market. Just enter the router model number which is mentioned at the bottom/back of the router.

Change the password and user name as most people try these basic codes before going to any measures to hack a Wi-Fi signal. Set a strong code and turn on the wireless network option. There you go. Now you can run your Wi-Fi router again.

Almost all routers have a rest button but if the router you have doesn’t have it then you are in trouble.

Wi-Fi Hacking Sites may Cause Trouble 

You see plenty of websites with the title of hack Wi-Fi easily or hack Wi-Fi. But these sites are as trustworthy as a snake. These sites do not guarantee results and they come with tons of viruses. Mostly as soon as you download these sites they delete your anti viruses. Even before you install them.

These are sometimes payed and sometimes free. But it’s the same both ways. Few of these sites actually work but that is like a needle in a hay stack. The best solution for hacking a password is simply to build your own system.

Wi-Fi Hacking System

The best way to hack a password safely is to build your own system. For this you run two operating systems on your PC. One is for your daily use and activities and the one is for penetration testing.

What is a penetration testing you may think. It is the process or a form of offensive approach on security of a network. During this offense you search for any and all loop holes in a security of a network and decide all paths to breach that security.

For this you use a couple of OS that are made for this purpose. Two of them are Kali Linux or Black Track Linux. Both of these are manufactured by the same company and both are built for the same purpose. But kali Linux is more polished then Black Linux. The best part is that both these software’s are free and they come with tools that are specific in cracking a networks code.

Kali Linux can be used directly from the USB or the CD without the need to install it directly on the hard drive. Also if you don’t want to install the OS on your PC then simply use the two tried and true tools. These are the tools of Wi-Fi hackers.

Air tack has been used for years in Wi-Fi security. Even before WPA was started in 2004. Air tack 1.2 is the latest version that is famous for its tools for auditing wireless networks. It is by default a part of an admins toolkit and to start an offense this is the best place to start.

For Wi-Fi hacking your Wi-Fi adapter and Air crack gather a lot of data before even trying to run an offense. This is very time consuming. Air crack can be found with its full and detailed documentation but it is not that easy or simple. Before even beginning your PC must have a Wi-Fi adapter.

Specifically the one that supports packet injection. Also you yourself must be comfortable with command line interface. And overall this process is very time consuming so one must be patient.

One more way is to use KisMack. It is also called the sniffer as it finds the nearby Wi-Fi’s and crack some keys if the PC has the correct Wi-Fi adapter. http://kismac-ng.org/

For Mac users https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/46004/wi-fi-crack can be used to track Wi-Fi’s. Also https://www.macports.org/ is used on Mac to install command line products.

To crack strong WPA passwords or phrases we need stronger systems. And that is done by https://code.google.com/archive/p/reaver-wps/. It is a part of Backtrack Linux distro.

Also http://www.reaversystems.com/ can do the job. Off course to work with these systems you need to be comfortable with command line. But these are very fast systems. At minimum they can crack a password in 10 hours (depending on the router conditions and signal strength) and almost 24 hours as well.

If you yourself are worried for hacking attacks then get a router that doesn’t support WPS. Or turn the WPS setting off on your router.