The dock introduced in Mac is really useful as it brings all your favourite applications just a click away from you. You can view the applications in dock that is present at the bottom of your screen and choose whatever you want to from there. However some people don’t like to view the dock all the time at their screen. They say they find it annoying to view it all the time.

What if we want to hide the dock? Apple has made this feature available for those who want to hide the dock. So the dock is flexible and you can change the view it only when you move the cursor over it. Let us see how we can hide the dock and overall settings of dock.

System Preferences to Hide or Show Dock

For automatically hiding the dock when it is not in use you have change the settings in System preferences. This will make the dock flexible and whenever you move the cursor to the dock’s place it will automatically slide up.

hide dock mac

  • Click the System Preferences from the dock or choose System Preferences from Apple menu.
  • Click the Dock icon in the Personal section of System Preference window.
  • Check the box that has option ‘Automatically Hide and show the Dock’, to automatically hide the dock when not in use.
  • Uncheck the box whenever you want to lock the dock.

Keyboard Shortcut to Hide and Show Dock

The dock can also be made flexible using the shortcut keys. You can use the key combo to make your dock hidden or visible without changing the settings from System Preferences. Press Command-Option-D keys to automatically hide and show dock when you move your cursor there. This key combination checks the option ‘Automatically Hide and show the Dock’ and it will display the dock when you move the cursor over there.

Use the Mouse to Hide the Dock

The dock has a secret menu that you can access by moving the cursor to the dock separator. Dock separator is the vertical line that lies between the docks app and any folder or document you have installed in dock. Take the cursor to the dock separator and right click and select Turn Hiding On to hide the dock. You can similarly turn off it from the separator and choose Turn Hiding Off.

Change the Size of Dock

You can change the size of dock and magnification. The size slider in dock’s settings is used to change the size of dock. You can make it smaller as much as you want using the slider. When magnification option enabled it helps to move the slider to magnify the dock.

 Speed of Dock

Similarly you can change the speed of the dock as well. That means how fast the dock hides and appears can also be controlled.