All the list available at your Gmail account is easily download through IMPA and POP settings. Gmail permits their users to export Gmail data and create back up easily; you are hassle free to use third party software to export Gmail data anymore.

Now download all Gmail data as Mbox file, a step ahead to visit the Google data download page and sign in your Gmail account. It is so simple to list out Gmail data when you click the ‘Create Archive’ option.

Once you have done to create the archive then it is ready to mail a link of this location. It all depends how much data list is available at your account, so process may take a few minutes and lengthy up to hours.

Note:Gmail messages export process may be lengthy or it may takes very small time, it all depends of your data collection, for example you have selected a huge date then it will take a time to ‘Create Archive’. Otherwise small data selection will download quickly and create the archive shortly.

If your information at Gmail account is very small then most probably link will be ready at same day. Gmail use specific email storage format and manage all email messages in one single text file. As the process start to save the messages in specific way that each message is stored after one another.

How to Export Email Data from Gmail

Sign in Google account and go to the personal info section

Under the ‘Personal & Privacy’ go to the sub-heading ‘Control your Account’

Download email data by click the option ‘Create Archive’

By default Google has checked all products to download the data, but you just looking to export Gmail data so un-check all other services

Once you have done un-checked, just keep checked the option ‘Gmail’

By default Google will export Gmail messages in ‘Zip’ format, don’t choose other format because Zip format is easy to extract the data

It is all about to download the Gmail data, just wait to ‘Create Archive file – Keep waiting to finish the process


Email messages storage process starts from header tags such as ‘From’, ‘Header’ by using deep level UNIX host. But in recent days it also supported other email applications such as Apple mail and Hotmail (Outlook).

Steps to Export Email Data by Gmail via Mbox File

  • If you are willing to download select messages, apply labels from Google Gmail account
  • For instance you are looking to download the messages, label ‘Messages to Download’
  • Visit the link
  • Click the option ‘Select None’ Thunderbird option will just store the email data instead of other data available to Gmail account
  • Now scroll down the mail window to reach out ‘Gray X’ option at your right
  • For only selected messages to download or export click the option ‘All Mail’
  • Now finally check the ‘Select Label’ tagging with emails to download
  • Now click the option ‘Next’
  • You should not change the file type and click the option ‘Create Archive’
  • You will receive the Zip file through the chosen delivery method
  • Email will be send with link to download the Zip file

This is the simple procedure to download & export the Gmail data without using third party software. Keep patience if your email data is too big and it will take time to download and create the ‘Archive’.