Mac users use the keynote to make presentations on their system. This is good as far as you are working on the file alone and don’t need to share it with someone else. The problem arises when you want to share file between a Mac user and Windows users. The Microsoft window has its own very familiar program called Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations etc.

What if you want to open that PowerPoint file on your Mac and you need to edit the file. There is way to deal with this and work on your Mac with PowerPoint files.

Edit .pptx File on Mac

The PowerPoint file has .pptx file extension. The previous versions of Microsoft had .ppt file extension and it is modified to .pptx because the Microsoft has switched to XML format and its easily opened by other applications. To edit the PowerPoint files on Mac we have to first import the PowerPoint file to keynote.

Import .pptx to Keynote

The Mac already has keynote in it. For older versions of Mac that lacks keynote you can download the iWork Suite from the app store. When you have keynote in your Mac you have,

how to edit pptx on mac

  • Go to the Finder and locate the .pptx file in it.
  • Find the file and right click it to and move the cursor to Open with.
  • It shows multiple options, you have to choose Keynote.
  • Some warning may appear that the fonts not available but the Keynote will replace them. You can later also change it if you want to.
  • You can make changes and edit the file as you need.

Export .pptx File from Keynote

After you are done editing the file and you need to give it back to someone who has to use it in PowerPoint format then you need to export it in .pptx format. To complete this task you have to,

how to edit pptx on mac

  • First open the file in keynote.
  • Go to File menu and then click on Export to.
  • Select PowerPoint.
  • A dialog box appears that shows the format .pptx. We want this PowerPoint format. Click on Next.
  • Give a name to the file and click Export.

Now you can give this file to others to open it in PowerPoint without any conversions to other format.