When you are about to leave your mac book at home or in a work place you would never want anyone to access your system when you are not around. To avoid this it is necessary to secure your mac so that no one can access the system in your absence. There are several ways through which this purpose can be achieved. You can use the lock option provided by mac to prevent the access of from your co-workers while at work or your family members when at home. The following process will tell how to lock a mac easily iby simple methods.

Password Enable

You can lock you mac by enabling the login password. It will prompt for the password whenever anyone wants to use your system. To enable the password for your mac you need to:-

how to lock a mac

  • Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Select Security & Privacy.
  • Go to General
  • Check the option ‘Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins’. You can set the required password time from immediately to up to 8 hours of time for the password option to set.
  • Check the Disable automatic login

Options to lock Mac

 There are several options through which you let your system to prompt for the password to login to your mac. Performing the following task the mac will prompt for the password.

Close the lid

You close the lid of your mac and then open. Then it will ask for the password.

Apple Icon

You choose the Sleep option from apple icon on top left corner of your laptop.

Use Combination keys to Lock your mac

You can also lock your mac with the shortcut keys. Use the combination ctlr+Shift+Power key, it will lock your mac whereas the background task will continue to operate.

Use Combination keys to send your mac to sleep

The combination keys command+option+power send your mac to sleep mode as well as will lock your mac. So before using this option to lock your mac make sure you have saved your data.