Apple provides password management for the iPhone and other Apple devices called iCloud Keychain. iCloud Keychain basically allows to save the login credential and credit card details so that you don’t need to enter them again and again. The detail of your account and credit cards are saved in iCloud to make it available in other Apple devices along with your Mac. To use the iCloud Keychain turn it on in your Apple device.

Turn on iCloud Keychain on iPhone

To use iCloud Keychain on your Apple devices you have to turn it on your individual devices. To turn on the iCloud keychain on iPhone you have to,

icloud keychain

  • Go to the Setting app.
  • For the users with iOS 10.3 versions click on your the name at the top. (Those with older iOS version in their iPhones can swipe down and click on iCloud).
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Now go down and click on Keychain.
  • Toggle on the iCloud Keychain.
  • You will be given two options, ‘Approve from other Device’ or ‘Use iCloud Security Code’.

Use iCloud Security Code

When you choose Use iCloud Security Code, you have to enter 4-digit iCloud Security Code from the device.

Approve from other Device

When you select Approve from other Device then you will have to choose password from other iCloud connected devices. You have to go to the selected device and choose password for the iCloud. This will automatically turn on the iCloud Keychain on your first device.

Similarly you can turn on the iCloud Keychain on your other devices as well.

Use iCloud Keychain on Safari

To use iCloud Keychain on Safari you have to,

  • Choose Safari.
  • Go to the Preferences.
  • Click Autofill and select all the desired categories.

icloud keychain


Now once you enter the fileds data it will be saved in your iCloud Keychain. And whenever you visit a site all the fields will be automatically filled and you will not have to enter the user name and password every time. However if you visit site whose data is not stored in iCloud keychain and once you enter the login details you will be prompted, Click Save Password to store your credentials for that site. You have to click on Save to login details for the site on your iCloud Keychain.

How to Create Password for a Website

To create a password for a particular website, open the website in safari. Tap on the password field, you see a suggested password for the website created by safari. Tap on that password and the password field will be filled with this suggested password and it will be saved in iCloud Keychain.

icloud keychain

Save Credit Card Number

You can save the Credit Card Number just as you saved the password. When you enter the credit card number safari will ask you to save it to use it later. When you save the Credit Card Number and whenever you can see a credit card number filed just click on that field and you can see the list of credit card numbers you have saved in your iCloud Keychain. You can choose the desired credit card number from the list.