Gmail is very famous email service and well known Google product, but you can explore more to Gmail chat option also called ‘Gmail Talk’ to send instant messages. You might think that your favorite emails sender is little more than but the truth is that you can engage in real time chat with your friends. You can explore & read some tricky Gmail hack features to explore more.

If you already have an account at Gmail all you need to do is to log in and follow this simple steps to get started. In case you don’t have a Gmail profile it’s always easy to sign up Gmail account first.

About Gmail Chat

By default once you explore the inbox of Gmail, Gmail talk is the famous feature of Gmail client. For people who are using Apple devices, Google has integrated all feature of such as Gmail, Google Talk and Google Plus at Hangouts app. As we know Gmail offers instant client to let you talk with Gmail users add at your list and other people as well.

gmail chat

You can access Gmail Talk from browser right of Gmail navigation and just archive, record and search like email threads.

How to Send Gmail Chat Invitations

Before you can chat with someone on Gmail you have to invite them to Gmail chat by proceeding with the following simple steps

  • Click on ‘Start a New Chat ’
  • Type out the user name or email of the person/ persons you want to chat with
  • A new dialog box will pop up; hit the ‘Send Invitation’ button in the box
  • Till the time they accept your invitation, their contact name will be marked as ‘invited’ in your chat list.
  • Once they have accepted your invitation, you can easily check the status of their activity by a small colored ball to the left of their names indicating online as green, offline as gray, and busy as red.
  • If someone you want to chat with is active then you just need to click on the contact name and send them a chat message

The invitation process allows you to customize your chat preferences so that you can always decide who you want to chat with. You

Gmail Chat History

All your chat content gets automatically saved so that you can always access them later if you need.