Everyone’s personal phone has huge data including pictures, videos, contacts, your financial information and much more which are really private and needs security. It is quite difficult to keep it away from everyone including your friends and your colleagues. It is quite a task to protect your phone in case of theft and in case you lost it somewhere. Therefore it is necessary to improve the iPhone’s security to eliminate the chances of breech. Here are few tips to improve your iPhone’s security.

iphone security

Lock your iPhone

It is really important to lock your iPhone with a passcode. iPhone provides you the with a built-in passcode feature. You can set a passcode in your iPhone and avoid anyone’s access to your data.

Touch ID

If your iPhone has the feature of fingerprint scanning then its more secure than passcode. As anyone can guess your passcode but when you have secured your phone with touch ID no one is able to access your phone.

Secure your Backups

The backups are really important to keep your data safe. In case you lost your phone or your phone crashes it is necessary you have the backup to recover the data. You can create the backup on your Mac or PC while connecting the iPhone to Mac. The data is even vulnerable on your Mac too. Therefore while backing up the data from your phone, you must encrypt your backup data. While you backup your data using iTunes you have to check the option Encrypt iPhone Backup and set the password for it. Whenever you want to restore from the backup the password will be required.

Find My iPhone

In case your iPhone is lost you can access the location of your iPhone using this feature Find My iPhone. You can go to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone and toggle it On. When your phone is lost you can sign in to iCloud and find your missing phone on map. In case you cannot find your phone you can restore your phone to factory settings and erase all the data from your phone.

Avoid Jailbreak

If you want to keep your iPhone secure and want to protect your phone from viruses and malwares don’t ever think of jailbreaking your phone Jailbreak allows you to install the apps to your iPhone which otherwise is not possible to install. The Apple has kept away those apps for downloading to your iPhone keeping in mind the security issue. However when you jailbreak your phone you are opening the doors of viruses and other security threats for your phone.

Turn off Cookies

Whenever you visit a website and you fill in form, or you provide them any information there, they keep your information in a file known as cookies.  These cookies helps you to keep logged in to website while keeping your data saved. Therefore you better turn off the cookies to avoid the misuse of your data and other credential information. You can turn off the cookies from Settings> Safari. In Privacy and Security you have to toggle On the option ‘Do not track’ and Block Cookies to Always.