YouTube provides you with a wide range of videos including entertainment, informative and descriptive videos, music, movies etc. Sometimes you may want to share a video to your website or blog it is quite easy and we have described it earlier. You are watching a YouTube video you find some information really interesting. What now when you don’t want to share the whole video but a small portion from that video? We will discuss here how to share a video starting from a specific time not from starting.

Time Stamp Code

To specify the starting point from which your video link should start, you have to specify the exact time. It means you will specify the time code for that video. And it will start from that exact time which you have set. There are two ways to complete this task, one is adding the time to the URL link and the other is setting the time while sharing the video on YouTube. Let us discuss how to link specific part of YouTube video on a website or blog.

Add Time Stamp Code in URL

We have to add the time stamp code to the URL of the video. You have to add the time code to the URL of the video. You have to add the time code at the end of the URL. The time code starts as #t=2m10s, the first part #t= is the time stamp and the second part 2m10s indicates the minutes and seconds at which your video will start. You have to write add the time stamp code at the end of the video link like this, . Now when you send this link to someone it will automatically start from the time you mentioned.

Add Time Stamp to YouTube Video

The other way to share a video from a specific time is with the help of YouTube’s video sharing option.

  • You can see an option share at the right of Add to option. Click on share link and it expands some sharing options.
  • Check the option, Start at.
  • Now scroll on the video from where you want to start sharing the video. This will auto populate the time to the Start at field.
  • Then click on the website where you want to share the video.

When you share the video it will be played at exactly the same time which you have set in sharing option.