eFax which may refer to electronic fax, is an online fax service which enables people first login to send and receive faxes through a web portal or directly from their emails. This online fax service has made the bulky fax machines a thing of the past.

eFax is a free service along with some limitations. eFax is a useful service but its value gets dropped due to its high cost and an antiquated interface.

“I got a chain letter by fax. It’s very simple. You just fax a dollar bill to everybody on the list.” –Stephen Wright

The word fax upon hearing usually springs up the picture of a traditional fax machine in mind, but the advancements in the field of information and communication technology has made it possible to send faxes without the use of clunky fax machines.

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Expensive, unwieldy and fixed in one place are the most commonly used terms to describe the fax equipment of the not-so-distant past. Almost half a century later the first modern fax machine was developed, the apparatus has gone through a complete overhaul.

In present day, the fax machine has evolved to accommodate a more mobile and decentralized business landscape. With the blessings of technology, faxing has now become portable and accessible on all modern smartphones via internet.

eFax  Services Features 

eFax has three service categories which include eFax Plus, eFax Pro and eFax Corporate. The first two tiers are designed for singular person and small business use, while the third is designed for companies having more than ten employees.

The main thing which differentiates the eFax Plus and eFax Pro packages is their price and number of pages which can be send and received.

You can send eFax from email, computer, mobile phone & eFax mobile app too

Download eFax app for Android phones – Google Play 

Download eFax app for,iPhone, iPad &  iOS – Apple iTunes

Efax & Competitors Prices

The Plus and Pro accounts of eFax are extravagant in comparison with other online fax services. Another online faxing platform ‘My Fax’ provides 100 sent and 200 received faxes in a monthly package of $ 10 without any setup fee. But My Fax also charges a surplus fee of 10 cents per page after the allowed limit of monthly pages gets exceeded.

Virtual fax or eFax services have granted the organizations and business platforms the ability of sending and receiving faxes through emails whenever they want, from wherever they are if the internet connection is available.

One of the amazing features of eFax or faxing through email is that there is no adjustment that needs to be done form the sender’s end. People who subscribe to these services or make their eFax login accounts are assigned their own number, which can be either local or toll free.

eFax Prices & Cost

The monthly package of eFax Plus has a price of $ 16.95 and it contains 150 pages of incoming and outbound faxes. While the monthly cost of an eFax Pro package is $ 19.95 and it provides 200 pages of incoming and outbound faxes.

A one-time setup fee of $ 10 or $ 19.95 must be paid for either packages. The user has to pay 10 cents per page after the allowed limit of 150 or 200 pages is exceeded in a month.

When someone needs to send a message from a traditional fax machine, he or she doesn’t have to punch in a special code or do anything complicated to send their document. All they have to do is to type in the receiver’s fax number and the person will get the document or message as an email attachment in their inbox. Users can also convert their dynamic fax number to an eFax number to avoid turbulence in communication with their clients and fellow workers.

eFax Service Perks & Benefits

A real perk of eFax is that it enables international numbers in 46 countries and faxes can be sent through email in those countries without any difficulties. One add-on feature which is provided upon request is voicemail or recorded messages.

This feature enables the users to record voice messages or calls to their required fax numbers and then send them as email attachments. These messages can be recorded as AU, GSM or WAV audio files.

Another surprising factor of eFax is that it provides a free version of the online fax services. And more importantly, the user just needs to entre his or her email address to sign up for the free service. However, the free version of eFax has some considerable limitations which allows the user to only receive faxes and not send any.

The user can only receive 10 faxes per month after which the account will be suspended for the rest of the month. Moreover, the user cannot have a personal fax number.

To sign up for the premium service of eFax, the user must select an appropriate plan, provide their personal data and then find a suitable fax number.

eFax has an apparently outdated interface that resembles the Hotmail and web mail interfaces of 1990’s. The interface consists of a single window for sending faxes. A link is provided at the top of the page to create a new fax which can be sent to 50 recipients at a time. eFax documents are received as PDF files which can then be converted into EFX or TIFF.

How to Login eFax Account

You can easily login eFax to browse the official website www.efax.com to create your account from sign up page. You are required to enter the eFax number & credential to complete the sign up process.

Once you set up the eFax account then browse the price plan which suits best for your convenience. After that eFax login & sign in process is very simple. If you forgot the eFax account information then reset is by follow the simple steps.

eFax Customer Support Phone Number

Call eFax Customer Service Phone Number is 323-817-3205 or contact sales representative

eFax allows people to send and receive faxes as emails just by having a handheld facsimile device without worrying about machine malfunctioning, busy lines, transmittal failures and service outages.