The keyboard shortcuts are really handy when you are using your Mac. The switching between the mouse and keyboard slows down your work. You also get tired of moving from here and there. Therefore it is really important to know and learn keyboard shortcuts to save your time and work with ease. Let us learn some important keyboard shortcuts in Mac.

mac keyboard shortcuts

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut, copy and paste are the most important task while typing on your Mac. Learning the shortcuts for these will make your work faster. Instead of going to edit menu and choosing the task of editing from there seems tedious. So to cut something we have to press Command-X, to copy Command-C and for paste Command-Z.

Searching Task

While working on Mac you may sometimes find difficult to locate a document you recently saved or you may want to search some article on your browser. You can simply hit Command-F and it opens a search window where you can type your search term.

Switching between apps

When you are multitasking and you need to open different apps one after the other then you should learn how to switch between apps using the shortcut keys. When you hit Command-tab or Command-~, it opens the built-in application switcher in Mac. These shortcut keys works when you press and hold Command key and press tab repeatedly to move from one currently open app to another. While holding the Command and pressing Q will quit the app.

Screenshots on Mac

To take the screenshots of the entire Mac’s screen we have to press Command-Shift-3. To take the screenshot of an area of the screen you have to press Command-Shift-4. It turns the cursor into crosshair that you can click and drag to take screenshot of a specific area. You can learn more about keyboard shortcuts here.

Hiding apps

To hide some apps and showing that you are currently working on your project only you have to press Command-H or Command-Option-H. To hide the current active window you have to press Command-H. And to hide all other apps but leaving the one currently working on you should press Command-Option-H.

Quit the app

To quit the app you have to press Command-Q key and it will close the application.

Open a new Tab

To open a new tab in safari browser or any other browser in Mac you have to press Command-t. It will open a new tab in the same browser.

Open Spotlight

To find something on Mac or on web you need spotlight. To open spotlight using the shortcut key you have to press Command-spacebar.

Find a phrase in document

To find a specific phrase or word in a document you have to press Command-f and then type the word which you want to find.

Finder Folder

To navigate to common folder in Finder like Applications, Utilities, Desktop and Home you have shortcut keys. Press Command-Shift-A to go to Application folder, Command-Shift-U for Utilities, Command-Shift-D for desktop and Command-Shift-H to go to home folder.

Force Quit an App

When you have trouble closing an app in Mac you can use shortcut keys to force quit that application.

Sleep or Shutdown Mac

When you finished your work and it is time to make your Mac sleep the press control-eject. This key combo is used to send your Mac to sleep or shutdown or restart.