Using Mac can’t always protect you from viruses and malware. It means your Mac can also be infected with malware and some suspicious invasions may occur at your Mac. Therefore you need to beware of what these viruses are and how you can protect your Mac from such kind of invasions and malicious software.

mac malware


When you download some software into your Mac, some unwanted program gets installed to your system without your knowledge. This software includes advertisements or maybe some sponsored links in your browser. The malware is not installed unless you do it so. They may trick you about the malware as it is some legitimate software and you may want to install it. You can see the advertisement on some website or maybe you receive an email to install some program. After you install it starts to steal your information. They may try to hack your credit card details and other important information and use it without your knowledge.

Symptoms of Malware

The malware once installed in your Mac may show following things in your Mac. Some text in the website turns into hyperlinks. Bowsers popups for fake updating and advertisement banners are present in the websites you visit.

Prevent Malware to get Install

When you are browsing any website and it says that we have detected a malicious program running on your Mac and click here to remove it then it is time to quickly quit the browser. Also check your download folder and send any unknown file to trash that you haven’t downloaded. And then finally empty the trash.

Remove installed Malware

To remove the malware from your Mac if you have unknowingly installed it you have to,

  • Close the app you know is a malware and check it name before closing it. Now open the Utilities folder.
  • Open Activity Monitor and select All Processes.
  • Look for the name of the App.
  • Click the quit process button and select Quit.
  • Quit Activity Monitor.
  • Now open the Application folder, find the name of malware and drag the unwanted app to Trash.