The iPhones which we use today is not just a phone but it is used for many tasks such as it becomes a camera in our pocket, a mini computer or office, video game for playing games and entertaining us and also works like our music player. However there are many issues that come across in iPhones which being an iPhone user you can better understand. One of the issues is that you open your iTunes and cannot find any music in there. Now what to do to when music disappeared from iTunes.

Check Apple Music

As soon as you don’t find any music, before trying some tricky method you should try to start from the simple one. Therefore you need to check that the Apple music is turned on you have to,

music disappeared from itunes

  • Go to the Settings App.
  • Click on General.
  • Now check if Show Apple Music is turned On. If it is already on toggle this off and turn it on again to reset it.
  • Check if the music that was disappeared is now visible on your iPhone.

Restart your iPhone

If the above method doesn’t work in bringing your music back try to reboot your iPhone. Therefore sometimes some simple issues are fixed when you simply reboot your device.

Reset your iPhone

Try to reset your iPhone by holding down the power button and home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. As soon as you see the Apple logo release those buttons and wait for the device for reboot. After the device reboots, check if you can find music in your device again.

Check iTunes

You can manually restore the music to your devices.  To perform this task you have to connect your device to the Mac. Launch iTunes and click on your device. Now click summary from left sidebar. Go to the options and check the option ‘Manually manage music and videos’. Now you can drag and drop the music to your phone.