Whenever you are trying to download some new stuff on your phone the main issue which every one of us faces is the storage issue. After we buy a new phone we load it with tons of pictures videos and music along with many useless apps which we even don’t bother to use. So we should try to clean our phones randomly before it goes out of space. We will discuss some tips to quickly free up space on iPhone.

Backup Photos

Pictures on your iPhone take lots of space. We keep taking pictures without backing them up which limits the storage space. To create space from time to time you need to back up the photos of your iPhone. To back up your pictures from iPhone you can learn here to set up iCloud photo library.

Delete Text Messages

Storing the entire messages in your iPhone takes lot of space. By default iPhone keeps all the messages in your phone without deleting them. Try to change the message settings to delete the messages from time to time. You can change the settings by going to Settings app > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages. You can change the option forever to 1 year or 30 days which ever you want. It will delete the messages depending upon the time you choose.

free up space on iphone

Delete Unused Apps

You may have installed apps which are not required or used. Keeping them on your phone takes memory thus limiting the storage space. The aps store the junk files and useless data with them. Therefore it is recommended to delete the apps to clear up storage space and reinstalling them. You can also permanently delete the apps without reinstalling them which are no longer needed. To delete the apps you have to go to Settings app >General > Usage > Manage Storage. You can see list of apps along with the storage space they have taken. From here you can delete the apps which are taking more space and which are no longer needed.

free up space on iphone

Clear Browsing Data

The web browser stores lot of data in the form of caches which takes lots of space. To clear up the space you need to delete Safari’s browser caches. Go to the Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Clicking on clear history and website data will clear all the stored data.

free up space on iphone

Delete Podcast from iPhone

It is unlikely that you listen to the podcast in your iPhone more than once or twice. So saving these podcast will take lots of space in your iPhone. So once you are not listening to these you must delete them to free up space. You can delete the podcast by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Podcasts. You can see the list of podcasts; you have to swipe each to delete individual podcast.

Remove unwanted Songs from iPhone

When you are a music freak you must have lots of downloaded songs in your phone. It takes lots of space in your iPhone. To clean up space in your iPhone you have to delete unwanted songs. To delete the songs you have to go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Apple Music. You can delete all songs by swiping All Songs or you can swipe individually on a song from the list and delete them.