Most recently the Apple has released iOS 11 Public beta version. Many people are updating their phones to iOS 11 beta but we won’t recommend the update to iOS 11 public beta. There are always chances of performance issues and bugs that you may encounter in beta versions. Therefore you must consider the issues we are discussing before updating your iPhone to iOS 11 Public beta.

iOS 11 public beta

Contains Bug

The beta version may contain bugs that will affect your phone. After installing the iOS beta version your iPhone may start to reboot without any notice. It could be quite bothersome especially when you are in a middle of some important task. The Apple will take few months to resolve the issues which are faced in the beta version. Therefore to avoid the crashing of your phone you must not install the iOS 11 beta version until Apple releases the new iOS 11 update.

Test Drive

The beta version is actually a test drive. You are actually working for the company to run the update and report for the errors and bugs. The developers work to remove the bugs and fix the issues while you are trying the beta version.

Compatibility Issues

Whenever you install the beta version of any update there comes the compatibility issues that you may encounter between the iOS and application on your phone. You might not be able to run many applications unless the applications are updated according to the new iOS version. But until the full and final version of iOS 11 in not available the applications are not updated. Therefore you must wait a bit for the complete and golden version of iOS 11 is available for updation.

Customer Support

When you face any problems in beta version of iOS 11 update, it is useless to report to customer centre as you won’t get any help from them. The developers and Apple Company won’t help you with the errors you encountered after the update. But they consider the issues faced by the users to remove the bugs and issues. Therefore it is better to wait for the complete version which is error and bug free.

Data Loss

There is possibility of downgrading from iOS 11 to iOs 10.3.2 if you don’t want the iOS 11 version. But when you have updated the phone and after that time your phone must has some new data. Downgrading the phone to iOS 10.3.2 you cannot backup your data after the time of update.


As you know the jailbreak for previous versions of iOS are still not available. Therefore those who want to jailbreak there phone should not think to update their iPhone to iOS 11. Also if you have jailbreaked your phone previously the update to iOS will lose the jailbreak. In this case it is better to keep your phone to previous version of iOS.

Battery Issues

Many users who have upgraded their iPhones to iOS 11 have been complaining a lot about the battery drainage issues. When there is battery issue in your phone you are not able to use the phone properly. There is always a battery issue that you have to cope with. Therefore consider such kind of issues as well before updating your phone to iOS 11.