The Time Machine is really handy when you have mistakenly deleted a file and want it back. It helps you restore an old file and also helps to setup new Mac with the same settings as your old Mac. Time Machine is use to copy the files or folders to new Mac. When you have setup time machine to back up your Mac you can easily recover or restore files from it. Lets discuss how to restore a file, how to recover the Mac and how to move data and content from one Mac to another using Time Machine.

Restore a File using Time Machine

You can restore a file that you have mistakenly deleted or either it is missing, using Time Machine. You have to open the Time Machine. To open it you have to,

recover files on mac

  • Go to the menu and click on Time Machine icon. Now choose from the menu, Enter Time Machine. You can also search in the spotlight for Time Machine.
  • You can look for the specific file in time machine by moving the up and down arrow.
  • Once you locate the file you are looking for, press the space bar to preview it if it is the file you want to restore.
  • Now click on restore to restore the missing file.

How to recover Mac using Time Machine

Sometimes it happens that you have installed some software or apps to your Mac that makes the Mac lazy and not working properly. Maybe you have installed some version of OS that is causing trouble and you want to go back to your previous OS in Mac. Then what you can do to move back. You can perform this task using Time Machine from Mac OS Recovery.

recover files on mac

  • Start your Mac and when you hear a chime sound press and hold Command+R
  • Continue holding them unless you see an Apple logo and then you can release the keys.
  • You can see OS X Utility window. Choose Time Machine from here.

Copy Content from Old to New Mac using Time Machine

If you have moved to a new Mac then you must want to transfer you old data and settings to your new Mac. You can do it using Migration Assistant in your new Mac and you have to back up all your data to external drive using Time Machine.

recover files on mac

  • Connect the external hard drive with the Time Machine‚Äôs backup.
  • Go to the Applications and then Utilities and choose Migration Assistant.
  • Choose the option transfer from a Time Machine backup when asked how you want to transfer your information. And click Continue.
  • Enter the password if asked for it.
  • Now choose from backup files, that you want to use as a Backup for the new Mac and click Continue.
  • Time taken for back up depends on the amount of data and size of your backup.