When you want to sell your Mac it is time to clear all the data and sign out all your accounts. So that it does not contain your account details and your personal data. The first step is to reset Mac for selling which involves backing up all your data in Mac’s hard drive. This could be done by following the steps described below.

Backup your Mac

To back up all the important data in your Mac before setting it to factory reset you need some hard drive to copy all your data. The factory reset of Mac will delete all the data and applications in your system so it is really important that you transfer your important data to some hard drive. Learn how to backup Mac to external drive using the Mac’s Time Machine click here.

Signing Out

You Mac has all your account details therefore before giving it away you need to sign out of all of your accounts. The first step is to sign out your iCloud account.


reset mac for selling

To sign out your iCloud you have to click on Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen. Choose System Preferences from the menu. Click on iCloud. Uncheck Find My Mac check box. Enter the prompted password and click on Sign Out. When asked click on Remove data from this Mac.


To sign out from your iTunes Account you have to click on Accounts from the left side of screen. Click on Sign Out.

Formatting the Hard disk

After you backu p all the data from the Mac then it is time to format your Mac’s hard drive. When you choose to erase the data during formatting it will delete all the data in your Mac’s hard drive. After deletion you have to reinstall the Mac OS X. The reinstallation of operating system will set your Mac to the factory setting will all the data erased. To follow the steps to format the disk and reinstallation of Mac OS X click here.