Sometimes you want to reset Mac to factory setting. It could be because your system has viruses or you want to make it as new as you bought it or maybe you want to clean up all the space. Then to reset the Mac to its factory settings you have to follow the following steps.

Backup your Data

Before getting started to reset the Mac you have to back-up all the important data in your system. When you reset the Mac to factory settings then all the data and the apps installed in your system are erased. So you must backup the data to external storage device. To perform this task you can view the article here.

Starting the Process

When you backup all your data then reboot the system while plugin the AC adapter.

  • Press and hold the Command+R key simultaneously to start the restore process. Keep holding until the Apple logo appears and the system goes to the Recovery mode.
  • This will take the system to the Mac OS X Utility screen.

reset mac to factory settings

  • Choose Disk Utility from the menu.
  • Select the drive and choose Erase button.
  • Choose the primary drive to erase data, it is usually Macintosh HD. It will open an Erase window with the drive (name) and format button will give you a drop down menu. Choose OS Extended (Journal) from the dropdown menu.

reset mac to factory settings

  • Press the Erase It will delete all the data in the drive you choose to erase.
  • Now exit the disk utility and it will take you to OS Utility
  • Select the wireless icon from the left corner and choose the network because you need a wireless connection to continue reinstallation of Mac OS X.

reset mac to factory settings

  • Choose Reinstall OS X and select the Continue button.
  • Once installation begins follow the steps to complete the installation process. You have to choose the drive for installation. It will continue installation and your new Mac OS X will be installed.