Samsung is providing free integrated membership services now a day for Smartphone, Tab, Smart TV, PC and other devices. These services can only be accessed by Samsung Account Login. So, you don’t have to sign up every time you want to Access your account. Only Create Samsung Account one time and start enjoying on multiple devices.

Once you have login then you can access multiple features including Samsung Drive, Samsung Themes, Samsung health, Galaxy apps, Locate your phone, Family Story and much more. They will also avail a great opportunity of getting some amazing prizes and gifts on certain occasions. So, what are you waiting for get ready to learn Samsung Account Login.

Method for Samsung Account login

The method is quite simple to learn. But in this article, we will teach you the process with multiple ways. Following are the steps for Samsung Account Login.

Method for PC

Open up your browser and then click on any browser. Then go to official website of Samsung Then click on the option of Login located at the top right corner of Screen.

Simply enter the email of your Samsung account.

Then give your password and bang the sign in button.

Method for Smartphone

Open you Smartphone and choose the option of Settings. Then go to General Tabs. Click on Accounts. There selects the category of Samsung Accounts. Click on Account Settings. Finally click on Profile.

Enter your password and then click on Confirm. To edit your profile, simply click on the edit button located at the top right corner of Screen.

How to Login with Social Media Account

Samsung also allows one to Login with their social media accounts. If you have any social media account follow the below steps to connect it with Social media accounts. Social media accounts like Google+, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn and other accounts can be connected to Samsung account.

The method is simple, when you visit There on the left side you will automatically see the option of Social media. There select the social media platform. Enter E-mail and password. Then click on Ok Button.

The method is similar on desktop, Smartphone, Mac, iPhone and every other platform.

Having Sign in Problems? Learn to troubleshoot (Fix)

If you are facing Sign in Problems then the first thing that you can check is your Samsung Account Version. Sometimes it is temporary error which is usually caused by Server. If you get this message Sign in failed due to difference between current time and device. It means that you have to go and check the settings. Samsung settings must require actual date and time so don’t set your own. But if you still face this problem then you can contact on customer service of Samsung.

Method to Delete Samsung Account if a Person Dies

If suddenly someone dies and now you want to ensure that no one can get access their account. Then following are the steps to Close Samsung when a Person Die.

Open the Samsung account. Then go to the person profile. You will easily see the option of Delete Account.

Then verify account by entering password again. Heading further click on continue. Accept the terms of deletion and click on confirm. Click on Confirm one final time for Account Deletion. Congratulation now your account will be successfully deleted.

How to Recover Samsung Account Password or ID

Now days we are creating multiple accounts for various purpose. But passwords often not resemble with each other. In result, we have a lot of data in our mind which is really difficult for memory to store at once. So, in result you lost your passwords. That is one common example but there can be some other reasons also for password lost.

Method to Reset Samsung password

Open the sign in page and there click on the option of Forget Password. Then give your e-mail address along with validation. A message of change password will be sent to you on your mail. You have to click it to change your password.

Method to Recover Samsung ID

To recover Samsung ID, you must click on the option of Forget password or email. Then select forget email. Enter your account First name and last name. Give you Date of Birth to find your password. So, that’s how you can recover your password and email.