iTunes Home Sharing is a simple way to share content between different Apple devices using iTunes library. More devices when are connected to the same Wi-Fi network can share the library with each other. Which means each of these devices have their own iTunes library with lots of music that you can listen using Home Sharing. With the 9th version of iTunes and onwards you can share the music using the same Wi-Fi network and Apple ID. After enabling the home sharing you can listen to music from the iTunes library of Apple iPhone on your Apple TV or Mac connected via home sharing.

Enable Home Sharing in iTunes

To use home sharing you have to enable it in iTunes as home sharing is disabled in iTunes by default. You can turn on Home Sharing in any of the devices using the following steps. To enable the iTunes you have to,

itunes home sharing

  • Go to the main iTunes screen.
  • Now click on File
  • Choose Home Sharing from submenu.
  • Click on Turn on Home Sharing.
  • Now login with your Apple ID and Password and click on Turn on Home Sharing Button.
  • It will activate Home Sharing and you will be able to access the iTunes library from other devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Enable Home Sharing in iOS

To enable Home Sharing in iOS to share the music with others devices you have to,

itunes home sharing

  • Go to Settings and click on Music.
  • Click on Home Sharing.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Your Apple device has home sharing on now and its library can be seen to other devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Home Sharing to Use other Device’s iTunes library

To use iTunes library of other devices you have to,

itunes home sharing

  • Click on View menu from the iTunes.
  • Choose Show side bar.
  • Choose Shared section from left side of the pane to see the shared iTunes libraries that you can access.
  • When you will click on other device’s iTunes library it loads in your iTunes window and you can copy or import the album or songs from the library. Right click on three horizontal dots (…) against the album or song and click on Import or Import Album.
  • Similarly you can import movies, audio stories and shows from the iTunes library of other devices to your own library.

How to Turn off Home Sharing

To turn off Home Sharing after using the other devices iTunes library you have to,

  • Open iTunes and click on File
  • Now choose Home Sharing.
  • Now click on Turn off Home Sharing.

Sharing your Photos via Home Sharing

To share photos from your iOS device to your Apple TV you have to,

  • Open iTunes and go to File
  • Click on Home Sharing.
  • Now click Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV.
  • Now you can see Photo Sharing Preference window on your device. You have to choose the photos you want to share or album you want to share. Check each box next to the option.
  • Once you choose the album or photos you have to click Done.
  • Now you have to open the Photos app on your Apple TV and you can view the pictures and albums you just choose from your device’s library.