You can easily share Amazon Prime with you Friends and Family. As you know that Amazon Prime only costs $79 yearly. Get the Yearly to Share Prime with others. You can easily share your Amazon Prime through Household feature. Thanks to Amazon Prime that it is Providing Household feature to share it up to One Adult and 4 children’s. They must be living in one house according to Amazon but it is not is necessary.

You can share it with your Friends and Family whenever you want. When you will subscribe with Amazon Prime you will get one-day shipping.  You will also get access on Amazon Video and TV streaming. It is similar to Netflix services.

Share Amazon Prime

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Method to share Amazon Prime and Make Amazon Household

If you are Amazon Account Holder then follow the steps. Then for making household open the website of Amazon Prime. So, you can share Amazon Prime with your Friends and Family. Then you have to sign in to your account. if you don’t have account then firstly sign up. So, you will also get 30 days free trail for Amazon Prime. Keep in Mind that the registered Students will get 6 months free trail.

So, sign in your Amazon Prime Account. Then click the option of Prime, which will be located at the top right corner of the screen. Nextly, you have to select the option Manage Prime Membership. Then scroll down the Amazon Prime at the Bottom of Page. At bottom, you must see the option of Share your Prime benefits. Nextly click the option of Blue Here in the new page.

Then you will able to see the option of Manage your content and Devices Page. Then you should be in Settings of Amazon Prime. Now below the option of House Hold and Family, you will see the option of Add Adult and Child. Then you have to enter the Adult Account Details, Means account Credentials. Then click Verify account to verify the account.

Now the second Adult a Have to verify the account by sign in and then they have select a method for Payment. Amazon content and services, Amazon Prime membership benefits and the management of child profiles by logging in to their account.

Then you have to click Create Household and then set your content sharing settings. Lastly, click the Family library to complete the process.

The second adult using your Amazon Prime account will get access to many Benefits but not all benefits of Amazon Prime. They’ll get delivery benefits, Prime Video streaming but not the option to download. Which may not so important for him.

So, that’s how you can share Amazon Prime with Friends and Family.